The Guide

We know that exploring the backdoor is a little scary so we put together a guide to help ease your fears. Remember, you are not embarking on this journey alone, according to Cosmopolitan, 40% of women have tried bum play. 

There are lots of nerve endings down there that can feel great when stimulated and if you follow this guide you will be on your path to an enjoyable experience!



A key part to an enjoyable experience is making sure that all parties involved are interested and want to partake.



It's a confidence boost to know you can go to town without getting messy or having an embarrassing accident.  Although some people don't mind getting a little dirty, most prefer a fresh workspace.

This is where Pure for Her comes in. The proprietary blend of fiber helps to remove excess debris from being left in the lower part of the digestive system.  By increasing your fiber intake, your stool will be bulkier and firmer so when you go you really “go”. Watch the video of how it works, here

As an additional step, customers have occasionally used enemas for a clean experience. Enema use only targets the lower portions of your digestive tract, leaving the risk of residual debris further up your system finding its way out when stimulated by sexual activity.



Unlike, the vagina which naturally lubricates itself, the anus does not. Lube, and lots of it, will be key to a fun experience. Silicone-based lubes are preferable for butt play as they tend to be more slippery and last longer. Research the lube that you will be using beforehand to make sure that it does not deteriorate latex condoms.



The anus is a muscle and needs to be worked up to larger objects being inserted. Start with a toy or finger to train your muscle to relax and expand. If you are using a toy, make sure it has a flared end so that it does not get lost in your cavity. If it hurts, stop and slow down. And remember, the opening of the butthole is where you will find most of the nerve endings, so don’t feel like you have go too deep to reap the fun of bum play.


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